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I’ve been a wife to one hunk of a man for 27 years.  I’m also a mom to eight, ages 12-26 and a nana to four sweet grand babies.  I had visions of what a great mom I would me, but after 26 years of mothering, I have come to the conclusion that I will NEVER be that mom. I have found myself more broken along the way than put together. I am learning to embrace that because it really isn’t about me. I share often about my weaknesses and failures, but also about how God has miraculously used those to make our family what HE wants it to be. God is SO faithful to work through us AND sometimes in spite of us!

I love to encourage parents by sharing some of the clarity that comes with age, experience and learning things the hard way.   We need to be REAL.  Parenting is demanding, it’s messy, it’s amazing, it’s intense and it’s wonderful…all in the same 30 seconds of any given day.   We need to be freed from comparisons and feeling like our family has to look a certain way. It’s SO important to be the family that GOD made us to be!

We lost our first grand baby in October of 2013 and I have had 5 miscarriages myself.  Grief is a part of life and I share about God’s amazing faithfulness in the loss of Isaac here.

We have homeschooled from the beginning and have graduated five (in June 2016) so far.  The oldest two (girls) are married and our 21 year old (boy) is graduating from college soon with a bachelor’s degree and 2 minors.  After 20+ years of homeschooling, I can tell you now more than ever that home educating is an incredible blessing, but only if you don’t let it hold you hostage to unnecessary expectations and notions of what it “should” look like. One of my favorite things is to help parents think outside the box and homeschool confidently in a way that works for their family!.

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My family is far from perfect.  Sometimes we argue, we say things we shouldn’t, we are all learning to give and receive grace daily, but we serve an awesome God who is good all.the.time.  My prayer is simply that you will be inspired, encouraged and free to love and enjoy the unique gift that is YOUR family.  God has GOOD things for you.

Thanks so much for being here!