When God Calls You to Free Fall

When God Call You to Free Fall

My husband and 2 of our boys just left a few days ago on a cross country road trip.  2,471.8 miles.  That alone is enough to make a woman wake up shuddering at the possibilities.  Honestly, I’ve awakened most mornings lately feeling this way.  There’s something about those first few moments of consciousness after a night’s sleep that seem to pull back the blanket on all the fears and worries that stay neatly tucked away Read More

Loving Your Man for a Lifetime

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Twenty eight years ago, my husband asked me to marry him.  We’d known each other 3 mos, but there was no doubt in either of our minds that God wanted us to be together. He told me he wanted 2…MAYBE 3 kids.  I wanted 10, but thought it best not to divulge that information quite yet.  I figured I knew he was the right guy for me and if God wanted us to have more Read More

When Following God Looks Messy

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We sold our dream home almost two years ago now (When God Turns Your World Upside Down).  It was not something I ever saw coming, but in my over 40 year walk with God, He’s surprised me more than once.  In fact, that seems to be His speciality…an unexpected pregnancy, loss of a loved one, a rebellious teenager, job loss, etc.  The surprises aren’t always bad, sometimes they are GREAT, but we simply never saw Read More

An Honest Discussion About Biblical Submission


It’s become a nasty word…”submission”.  God uses this word in Scripture, but it’s important to understand the Biblical definition.  Listen in as Heidi and I talk about what Biblical submission really looks like.  We have both been married over 26 years and we can tell you that God’s definition works!! (There are two parts to the series.  Both links are below) An Honest Conversation About Biblical Submission (Part 1) Part 2 A bit of a side Read More

Real Life Titus Two

Q and A for Gina's Titus Two Page

  Just wanted to let you all know that Gina Smith over at Real Life Titus Two has started a very special page!  It’s a place where YOU can ask older, Titus Two moms whatever question you want.  I am sharing this because I am privileged to be one of those “older” moms.  The others that will be there as well are Gina,  Heidi St. John from The Busy Mom and Darlene Schact from Time Read More

When God Turns Your World Upside Down (Pt 1)

When God Turns Your World Upside Down

We finally did it! Five years ago we built the house we planned to live in FOREVER. God blessed our efforts and stretched our dollars beyond belief. Each of our eight kids’ hands participated in the process. All of us sweated and toiled for this place we call home. We rejoiced and were incredibly thankful and could not even begin to think about ever moving out. Every time my husband breathed a word of selling, Read More

Trusting God Through Financial Hardship in Marriage


Pretty much every marriage is tested by financial hardship.  It can often make or break a marriage.  God has good things for us, even in these hard times, but sometimes the pressure can be so much that we lose our creativity and our foundation can feel very shaken.  Listen in as Heidi and I share our own experiences and what God did during those times in our marriages. Trusting God Through Financial Hardship in Marriage

Determining God’s Heart for our Families

Determining God's Heart for our Families

Having kids and family is often on our hearts and minds as moms, but what might it look like from our husband’s viewpoint?  On these last three podcasts, my husband, Darryl,  joins Heidi and me sharing HIS perspective on having babies, finding God’s will for YOUR family, balancing marriage and parenting.  I think you will love how honest and real he is.     Having Babies: One Father’s Perspective Balancing It All:  Marriage and Parenting Read More

Everyday Marriage

Everyday Marriage

Everyday my husband goes down to a storage room filled with, well…stuff we are storing. That and weight equipment. He sits at a table with all his little tools and his wax and creates…beautiful, stunning, intricate pieces of jewelry for all kinds of occasions. Weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day. He creates pieces that help people remember defining moments in their lives.  He gives them something tangible to remember what’s really important. He’s started doing this Read More