Remembering Your Way to Victory

Mother and daughter greeting the sunset.

Sunday evening.  What does that mean to you?  Does it invoke feelings of hope or dread? Maybe, like me, you’ve experienced both. It’s the end of the weekend and Monday morning is just one short sleep away. I’m thankful for Sundays.  God knew we would need to hit the re set button regularly and so He gave us this day and called it the Sabbath. Even though He never gets tired, after He created the world Read More

Girlfriend, You are FREE!

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We are on the cusp of moving across the country.  We’ve got one foot in Washington state and one in North Carolina and it’s starting to feel like a S-T-R-E-T-C-H!  We spent the last 8 days working and playing in the small town we will be living in.  It was the first time our youngest three had seen it.  Our 18 and 19 yr olds have been there with my husband for 3 weeks cleaning Read More

When God Calls You to Free Fall

When God Call You to Free Fall

My husband and 2 of our boys just left a few days ago on a cross country road trip.  2,471.8 miles.  That alone is enough to make a woman wake up shuddering at the possibilities.  Honestly, I’ve awakened most mornings lately feeling this way.  There’s something about those first few moments of consciousness after a night’s sleep that seem to pull back the blanket on all the fears and worries that stay neatly tucked away Read More

Loving Your Man for a Lifetime

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Twenty eight years ago, my husband asked me to marry him.  We’d known each other 3 mos, but there was no doubt in either of our minds that God wanted us to be together. He told me he wanted 2…MAYBE 3 kids.  I wanted 10, but thought it best not to divulge that information quite yet.  I figured I knew he was the right guy for me and if God wanted us to have more Read More

When Following God Looks Messy

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We sold our dream home almost two years ago now (When God Turns Your World Upside Down).  It was not something I ever saw coming, but in my over 40 year walk with God, He’s surprised me more than once.  In fact, that seems to be His speciality…an unexpected pregnancy, loss of a loved one, a rebellious teenager, job loss, etc.  The surprises aren’t always bad, sometimes they are GREAT, but we simply never saw Read More

Grace: Embracing God’s Gift to You


Did you know that God has special, unique graces for YOU each and every day?  Ones that are made to fit the challenges you face and the circumstances that make up your particular journey? I am writing a devotional once a month for Rachael Carman’s devotional blog page. I hope you’ll take just a minute to find out how to embrace the grace God has for YOU!! Grace: Embracing God’s Gift for the Moment

What to Expect When You’re Homeschooling


Sometimes we have no idea what kind of expectations we have about homeschooling until we are walking it out day to day.  Join me in this Facebook video as I share what I’ve learned about what to expect…for REAL.  I think you’ll be encouraged and hopefully begin to feel the heavy burdens of unnecessary expectations begin to melt away! I will be doing a live video on Facebook each Monday at 12:30 PST designed to Read More

Wisdom for the Road


 Between launching kids, moving, my husband’s surgeries, and coordinating conferences, it’s been difficult to find the time to write here.  Lately, though, things have slowed down and I’ve started jotting down short devotionals for parents.  Maybe someday I will gather them up and create a little book, but for now, I’ll post them here…from my heart to yours. Ever have that feeling that you have no idea how to parent your child?  I doubt there Read More

Wilson Christmas Letter 2016


Dear Family and Friends, I have been putting off writing this Christmas letter simply because I wasn’t sure where to begin trying to convey 2016. I REALLY tried and believe it or not, this was the best I could do in terms of brevity! We were in a rental house last year after selling our big place in Elk. We liked the neighborhood we lived in so much we decided to stay in the area. Read More

Teaching Our Kids Respect


  There’s an awful lot of disrespect these days out on college campuses and in our high schools and elementary schools… but whose job is it to teach respect?  Join Heidi and me today as wetalk about why it’s the parent’s job to teach children respect… starting with modeling it.     Teaching Our Kids Respect