Teaching Our Kids Respect


  There’s an awful lot of disrespect these days out on college campuses and in our high schools and elementary schools… but whose job is it to teach respect?  Join Heidi and me today as wetalk about why it’s the parent’s job to teach children respect… starting with modeling it.     Teaching Our Kids Respect

When Arrows Fly


We have been homeschooling over 20 years now.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  It’s still something that brings me to my knees.  It still sometimes makes me cry.  I still want to be the best mom I can be and I want to finish this homeschooling thing well.  But, I’ll admit it…I’m tired. Last June we graduated our 4th and 5th from high school and our oldest son from college.  I have mixed emotions.  Part Read More

Bringing Up Boys-Teens

Bringing UpBoys-500x500

  The final podcast in a series of three that Heidi and I have done on boys. We have seven between the two of us!  The teen years are surely a time of great things!  Although it may not feel like it, it IS an “age of opportunity”!   Embracing the differences between girls and boys is one of the keys…in spite of what our culture is telling us!   Bringing Up Boys-Teen Years

Reading for the Heart of Our High Schoolers

Stack of vintage books isolated on white

We have graduated three from homeschooling(we’ve been at this for 20 years so far) and next year we will graduate two more.  This hind sight has changed some of the the ways I think about “school” at home.  As we are launching more kids, I am realizing even more that cultivating heart issues and conversations is far more important than Algebra or Language.  Those subjects have their place, but I am becoming even more concerned Read More

Planting with the Harvest in Mind

Podcast planting with harvest in mind

  Teens are awesome, but can also be challenging.  They are growing and changing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with and difficult to see past what’s right in front of us.  It’s important to step back and try to keep the big picture in view.  In this podcast, Heidi and talk about just that… Planting with the Harvest in Mind

Keeping the Heart of Your Teen

Podcast keeping heart of teen

The teen years can be tumultuous to say the least.  Fighting to keep the heart of your teen is a war worth waging as it can be the very key to coming out on the other side with your relationship healthy and intact. In this podcast, Heidi and I share our hearts and experience with our teens so far…I have 3 past the teen years and 3 (almost 4) in them and Heidi has 2 Read More

Preparing for the Teen Years

Preparing for teens

  How many times have you felt uneasy about the upcoming teen years?  As challenging as they can be, they can also be some of the sweetest, most meaningful times with our kids.  Heidi and I share our hearts and our experience in hopes that you will be encouraged!   Preparing for the Teen Years

Determining God’s Heart for our Families

Determining God's Heart for our Families

Having kids and family is often on our hearts and minds as moms, but what might it look like from our husband’s viewpoint?  On these last three podcasts, my husband, Darryl,  joins Heidi and me sharing HIS perspective on having babies, finding God’s will for YOUR family, balancing marriage and parenting.  I think you will love how honest and real he is.     Having Babies: One Father’s Perspective Balancing It All:  Marriage and Parenting Read More