Home Made Refried Beans

  Today’s crock pot recipe may seem a little mundane, but home made refried beans are SO much tastier than store bought AND very easy to make. Soak beans overnight, covering well with water. Drain beans and place in crock pot with onion, garlic, jalapeno (unseeded for more heat), and/or canned diced green chilis and a bit of cumin and pepper. Cover well with water. Cook all day (or all night!) on high.  Ladle off a bunch Read More

Little Ways to Get More Nourishing Food Down!


We work so hard to nourish our children’s spirits, their emotions, educate them, and so forth.  None of this seems to happen without some effort and planning.  Feeding them, is no different! I have a few ideas that have worked well for our family and maybe you can put them to good use too! 1.) Start feeding them veggies at a very young age…soft and cooked, but veggies none the less.  Our children have acquired Read More