Our culture is screaming for “tolerance” and instantly condemning anyone who (even kindly) disagrees with alternative lifestyles, all in the name of love. 

As a Christian, I have have wanted to get the perspective of someone who has lived an alternative lifestyle.  I wanted to know how THEY felt, what THEY experienced, what Christians said and did that was helpful and actually conveyed the love of Christ and what did not.  I also wanted to know what it looks like to love while not compromising the truth of God’s Word. 

As a mom, I wanted to know how we can talk to our kids about this topic while still protecting their innocence, especially in the early years AND again, adhering to biblical truth.

Today I am talking with Judy who tells her personal story of coming out of a lesbian lifestyle and into a deep, meaningful relationship with Jesus.  In the next podcast, Judy and I will be answering questions about how we can be Christ to those choosing an alternative lifestyle and how we can equip our kids for the future.