Whether you’ve got kids in high school or you are fact gathering for the upcoming high school years, you will love the experience and wisdom that Cheryl shares in this podcast on creating transcripts for your high schoolers!
Cheryl is a mom to 8 kids ages 28 down to almost 3. She has graduated 3 so far.  She brings with her a multitude of years in education, both before children and as a homeschooling mom.
(As you are listening, please make note of any more questions you might have.  We would be happy to do another podcast to answer those, if need be!)
Links mentioned in the podcast:
Volunteer and Community Service Hours
High School Credit for Work Experience
Grades in High School
Celebrate High School: Finish with Excellence is available at www.cherylbastian.com or on Amazon.
Next week I will be talking with the founder and CEO of Praxis, Isaac Moorehouse.  Praxis is an apprenticeship program that trains students and matches them up with start up businesses for paid internships, bypassing expensive college debt and classes that often don’t prepare kids for real jobs.

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Creating High School Transcripts (Podcast 30)