One of the keys in homeschooling boys is moving them from a place of dependency to a place of ownership.  If our boys OWN what they are doing, we won’t need to push or cajole.  In fact, it may be all we can do to keep up with them!  The conquering spirit of boys is quite a site to behold and, especially as homeschooling moms, it’s an exciting, powerful thing to be a part of!

What exactly is ownership?  Tim Elmore describes it as this:

Ownership is the antithesis of entitlement.

It’s the idea that my life is my own, which entails both freedom and responsibility:

…For the decisions I make.

…For the challenges I face.

…For the money I spend or save.

…For the people I choose to hang around.

…For the future I prepare for.

…For the mistakes I make.

Today I’m sharing ways we can encourage our boys to OWN both their life and their education.  College isn’t for everyone and is, in fact, becoming less and less relevant.  I’m sharing some great alternatives.  These suggestions aren’t an exhaustive list, but they will hopefully give you hope and a vision for something that may be a better fit for your boys!

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Here are the resources I mentioned in the Podcast (affiliate links included):


Marching Off the Map by Tim Elmore

Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

The Unhurried Homeschooler

The Art of Manliness(website great for olders)

Bob Schulz books(make great read aloud or devotional):  Created for WorkPractical HappinessBoyhood and Beyond

For Parents:

Knights in Training

The Minds Of Boys

Boys Should be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons

Bringing Up Boys