We are engaged in a battle for the hearts of our boys, in fact, I would describe it as a WAR.  As moms we HAVE to be aware of and guard against the many ways our culture is working to destroy our boys.  They are receiving inconsistent, mixed messages about what it means to be a man and we HAVE to be the ones to protect them and speak truth into their lives while encouraging them to be real men.

In this podcast, I’m talking more about our boys and what they really need!  We will be focusing specifically on Jr.High/High School ages.  There are lots of practical ideas, but more than anything, I want you, as moms, to be encouraged.

They say the mom’s heart is the child’s classroom and this is why I often spend time speaking to that.   If your hearts are thriving, your children and your homeschooling will be thriving as well!  God’s principles are timeless and hold true across the board, but the method to walk in obedience to those principles can vary from family to family.

Please listen in, I think you are going find that God has, in fact, been speaking to your heart about your boys. My prayer is that this podcast will give help give you the courage to move forward in faith for their hearts and yours!

Here are the resources I mention in the podcast (aff links):

The Unhurried Homeschooler

Saxon Math

Teaching Textbooks

Consumer Math I chose BJU Press’s version, but there are several available options

Key to (Math) Series I’ve linked to the Algebra series, but there are several available options

The Write Source I couldn’t find the version I mentioned with several separate booklets, but this may work as well or you can check Rainbow Resource or other sources for the booklets

Brave Writer

Easy Grammar

Biology 101

Chemistry 101

Physics 101

Apologia Science This link is to the Anatomy and Physiology course I mentioned in the podcast, but there are many other science curriculum options from Apologia as well!

Apologia Biblical Worldview (“What We Believe” series) This link is to the first book.  There are three in the series.