News, online media, newspapers and a constant stream of information can put us on edge as people, but especially as moms. There are things happening that we never imagined would be happening and they are happening faster than ever.  We can’t help but wonder what kind of world our kids will be growing into.

Today I want to share HOPE with you…hope that we have as believers and hope that our children have for their futures.

Please listen in and BE ENCOURAGED!

Scriptures shared in podcast:

2 Timothy 3:1-5

Philippians 4:6,7

2 Timothy 1:8-11

Isaiah 40:18-31

Daniel 2:21,22

Psalm 34:8

Psalm 31:19

Psalm 84:11

Matthew 28:18-21

James 1:2-8

Quote from Rachel Carmen:   “I hear stories all the time across the country from parents who can barely talk bc of their broken hearts. They tell me stories of how their children begged them to home school and that they just ignored it like it was something all kids go through and need to learn to deal with only to discover that things were worse than they ever could have imagined. Their kids, their young “missionaries” who loved Jesus and new their AWANA verses didn’t yet have the ability to communicate all the yuck they were facing. Their immaturity inhibited them from being able to articulate all that they were being exposed to, all of the darkness that their little hearts were being infected by each day. Parents beg me to tell other parents, don’t buy the idea that elementary or middle school or even high school students are ready for what is lurking in the public school classrooms or playgrounds or locker rooms. It’s darker than any of us want to imagine. There isn’t a mission organization that would accept a 10 year old, much less a 6 year old as a missionary and place into a hostile mission field. They are simply not able, not mature. In fact they are vulnerable targets, easily preyed upon and overcome. We need to bring them home and disciple them in the way they should go. There is no value in toughening up our kids in the ‘real world’ of public school unless we’re willing to just sacrifice them unnecessarily. We need to do the hard work and train them in righteousness in the pattern of Deuteronomy 6. It’s not easy. I know. We’re in our 23rd year. Seven kids, 5 launched and two still at home. Lots of sacrifices and tears. But worth every moment.”

Homeschooling Through a Crisis (Podcast)

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