One of the things that can make homeschooling even more challenging and, at times, downright stressful, is the constant doubts that plague us:  Am I doing enough?  Am I damaging my children’s future? Will they be ready for real life?

When we allow these thoughts to linger and don’t take them captive, it sucks the life out of our homeschooling journey…a journey that I believe God wants to be oozing with joy, fun and making great memories.

Education is so much more than filling our kids’ minds with facts…it’s about educating the WHOLE child.  We don’t need to know everything to educate our kids well…we just need to know the Creator who made us and made our kids!  Really?  I mean who knows our kids better than their Creator?  Our main job is to facilitate what God orchestrates.

There are three things to remember when learning to trust those God give instincts:

1.  Those instincts grow over time

2. We MUST learn to homeschool from a place of strength and courage, not fear and doubt

3. We need to take the time to listen and hone in on those instincts that God has given us

Homeschooling is a calling and a mission.  What are the characteristics of mission work?

*Impacting a culture for the kingdom

*On call 24/7

*Speak different languages (listen to the podcast to find out what this means!)


*Walking by the Spirit and trusting DEEPLY

*Learning to listen to HIS voice

*Be willing to go places you haven’t been before

Matthew 11:28-30

Mission of Motherhood-by Sally Clarkson {aff link}

The Unhurried Homeschooler-by Durenda Wilson {aff link}

Remember:  Hurry will kill our prayer life, cloud our vision and undermine our mission.

Don’t forget to share the things you to do help you to slow your pace to match the pace of Jesus.

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