This week’s podcast is a must listen!  I’m talking with my friend, Yvette!  She and her husband and girls are traveling the country filming a documentary on homeschooling that will help debunk the myths that often surround what we are doing at home with our kids! It will be a great encouragement to those who already homeschool, show those who are considering it, just how do able it is AND reveal to the naysayers what a legitimate option it really is!

I believe this film will transform our culture’s view of homeschooling and encourage so many more Christian families to step out in faith and begin their homeschooling journey as well.  It will also be very helpful for homeschooling families to pass on to the people in their lives who give them grief over their choice to home educate.  I like to call it “educating the non-home educator”! (It’s also a great reminder of why we are homeschooling!)

Yvette will share about how God led them to leave everything and step out in faith to what God was telling them to do.  We will also talk about what homeschooling looks like for them right now, how God is giving her peace about homeschooling from where they are and much more!

You will be encouraged and inspired to let God write your homeschooling story as you listen in!

Here are ways you can connect with the Hamptons and follow their journey.  I hope that you will support them by sharing their story and film on social media.  Also, would you consider being on the prayer team, continuing to lift their family up?  The Enemy is NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS AT ALL.  The Hamptons WILL face adversity because this flies in the face of our godless culture and has the potential to raise up an army of bold Christians who will work on behalf of the Kingdom.

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