Reasons for Healthy Changes

When I use the word “health” I do NOT mean skinny or thin. Although sometimes that happens while we work on getting healthy!  Healthy is about overall good health…a better immune system so we aren’t sick as much, energy and reduced stress to enjoy our lives more quality of life as we age.


God made us spirit, soul and body. When one of these areas is lacking or excessive, we become off kilter and we can usually feel it.  It will often manifest itself in moodiness, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, discouraged.  Basically those negative feelings that get your attention!


*Nourishing our Spirit:  Being with God, feeding on His Word.  Spending time in prayer, worshiping, unburdening our sin, expressing thankfulness, and telling God our needs in detail.  And sometimes we need inspiration.

*Nourishing our Soul: Find something that you enjoy that fills you…a hobby, time with friends.

*Nourishing our Body: It’s important to get good rest,  physical activity, and  nourish our bodies with good food.

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you are a mom.  That means, unless you adopted, your body was used to bring your beautiful children into this world.  What a privilege that is!  It also means that you sacrificed your body to do so and there are some “marks of motherhood” that come with that: stretch marks, extra skin, extra fat, varicose veins, etc.  These are not scars…these are proof that you gave up some things to bring these new lives into existence.  Your body was used in a wonderful way.  No need to be ashamed of those marks.  They are part of our journey.  What we are shooting for here is to do the best we can with what we have been given.  And that gene pool can be vast and varied.  So let’s just focus on being healthy!