Our culture wants to blur the line between boys and girls, but just about any mom can tell you that there IS a difference.  There are sliding scales of differences, but still, differences.

Instead of denying these unique qualities, it’s important to recognize and APPRECIATE them.  We have a Creator who is intentional and very innovative in the ways that He knit us together.  As moms, we have an opportunity to not only help direct the amazing qualities that boys possess, but also to help them find confidence in who God has called them to be.

(This podcast lays the foundation for next week’s episode when I will be diving into the specifics on what homeschooling our 5 boys has looked like and sharing ways that will help you clarify what’s essential in schooling our boys at home!)

Psalm 16

Romans 9:20,21

Genesis 2:4-9

The Minds of Boys

Podcast 13 Homeschooling: It’s All About Freedom