For a Christian family, homeschooling is about so much more than educating our kids at home. I believe it is a call to begin to untangle ourselves from the world’s broken system. It is a call to be set apart, as God’s people, allowing God to prepare our kids for the purposes that He has had for them since the beginning of time…what they were made to do and be. Our kids were created to be partakers of this specific time in history, actively involved in God’s kingdom work. Is that what we are preparing them for? Or are we so distracted by fear…fear of not doing enough in our homeschool days, that we miss this golden opportunity we have to raise up a generation powerfully equipped to effectively impact our world with the gospel? Whether that impact happens at an IT job, catering business, as a doctor or nurse, cleaning windows, doing custodial work, working from home or as a stay at home mom…are we equipping them to be salt and light above anything else?  This doesn’t mean we are lazy homeschoolers or don’t actually educate our kids. It means we yield our homeschooling days to the ONLY One we SHOULD be yielding to.

We know that God wants us to slow down, to take a more unhurried heart into our homeschooling days, but that doesn’t always change the fact that we have an inward battle to overcome! In this podcast, I will talk about what the battle REALLY is and how to have victory! I also share tons of powerful scripture that I encourage you to go read and study for yourself (listed below, I used the New Living Translation).

2 Chronicles 32:18

I Corinthians 10:3-5

Isaiah 44:9-23

Isaiah 30:1-5,18

Isaiah 31:1-3

Isaiah 45:18,19

Isaiah 48:17-20

Here is an excellent (short) explanation by John Piper on what it means to take our thoughts captive!

Our culture worships education, even to the point of overlooking common sense. We need to recognize what GOD is calling us to as Christian homeschooling families and NOT allow ourselves depend on the world’s system for answers to our questions about how we are  to homeschool our kids.

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