After homeschooling for over 23 years, I can count on one hand the curricula that I have used over and over again and recommend to moms all the time.  The Mystery of History is one of those and there are many reasons, as I share in this podcast. One of them is that this can be used for multiple age levels.  We chose to use it in high school, but you can certainly use it for younger ages AND do it all together!

If you are wondering about the importance of history, how it relates to our faith and how it can be used as a springboard for many of the most important conversations you will have with your kids, then you will enjoy today’s podcast!

Today Linda Hobar (author of The Mystery of History) joins me to tell us more about her background as a homeschool mom and how she ended up writing a world history series!

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Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Mystery of History Website

Mystery of History Facebook Page

The Mystery of History Online Classes

The Mystery of History Support (You can ask questions here about the curriculum)

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