In today’s podcast, I am talking with our oldest son, Jake. He is 24, started college at 16 (dual enrollment) and graduated at 21. He is in his 3rd year working as a software engineer. Having gone to college at a young age and straight out of homeschooling, he shares an interesting perspective.

At age 12, Jake discovered what he was passionate about and the career he wanted to pursue, but much of what he needed, he had to work hard for because he was quickly outside the range of what I could teach. God was faithful to provide, but Jake had to be resourceful.  It’s one of the many reasons he is a motivated problem solver which has also given him an edge over many of his peers.

I often say that he was one of the kids I “schooled” the least.  He energetically pursued everything related to his interests, but other things like sharper writing skills didn’t happen until he was working for his degree. He and his siblings were and are self directed/independent/life-long learners, partly because it’s how they are wired and partly because that’s what worked for us.

What it really comes down to (and always does) is listening to how we believe God is telling us to homeschool and raise our kids and being faithful to walk in it…even if it looks different than anyone else.

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