I’ve been interviewing each of our adult kids who were homeschooled from the beginning.  They each share their experience and their perspective as adults on homeschooling! I encourage you to listen in to this one with your boys! It will be an encouragement!

This is the sixth and final in the series.  I am talking with our son, Sam, who is 18 and just graduated less than two weeks ago.  I always love hearing the unique perspective that each of our kids brings.  It’s really fun remembering their growing up years and seeing how God has worked in each one of their lives to prepare them for what He has for them. I also love that they love learning and continue to educate themselves as adults. This is the beauty of raising life long learners…if there are gaps (and there always are), our kids can totally work to fill those in when and if they need to!

I mentioned my podcast with Linda Hobar from The Mystery of History…here is the link to that! 

The Mystery of History with Linda Hobar (Podcast 37)

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