As soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over, I can hear someone fire off the starting gun and the countdown to Christmas begins.

In my 28 years as a mom, every year has looked a bit different and some years were more stressful than others. I do know that the simpler I’ve kept it, the more we have enjoyed it which flies in the face of every commercial out there!  But isn’t it just like God to give us beauty in simplicity?

Today my friend Ana is joining me to talk about the way her family has kept things very simple and very focused on Christ. We each come from very different experiences in the way we celebrate, but the really important question really is, “Where is Jesus?” Where is Jesus in the busyness, the activities, the traditions? It’s a question worth asking!  Join us in this mom to mom conversation!

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Ana is the founder of They Call Me Blessed and the creator of:

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