Higher education is changing and today we are talking about why homeschooling is truly the BEST way to prepare our kids for what’s ahead.

My guest today is Lolita, a marketing associate at Praxis, an apprenticeship program that helps young people launch their careers without college.  We are talking about project based learning and why it can be such a great place to homeschool from. 

Lolita is a huge fan of homeschooling and was homeschooled herself!  She is passionate about encouraging homeschooling parents because she believes homeschooling is not just another education alternative, but an optimal choice when it comes to truly preparing our kids for the future.

Here are the resources mentioned in the podcast:

To apply for the Praxis scholarship go HERE (Remember the deadline is October 1st)

Podcast with the founder and CEO of Praxis, Isaac Moorehouse: Redefining Education

  • Lolita hosts her own podcast, Educationeering, where she dives into new ideas on education with people from all walks of life.
  • Her blog is lolitaallgyer.com
  • She works for Praxis, where homeschoolers are some of our best participants. She is passionate about homeschooling and other alternatives to education, and love working with

You can connect with Lolita and ask any questions you would like: lolita@discoverpraxis.com

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