The homeschooling journey can prove to be lonely at times and it can make all the difference in the world to have the support of other moms.

Sometimes our kids need exposure to more educational experiences outside the four walls of our homes or want/need interaction with other kids.

These are only a few of many reasons it can be very beneficial to be part of a small co-op. But where do you begin?

Today I am chatting with Nancy Manos who has been part of numerous small co-ops over her many years as a homeschool mom.

It’s a great conversation about the reasons to be part of a co-op or NOT be part of one. Nancy will also share simple, essential steps and things to consider in starting your own co-op!

Some of the things we will cover:
Why do a small co-op?
Reasons not to do a co-op
What is a small co-op?
Where do I find people to co-op with?
What’s the best number of kids/families for a small co-op?
How do we get started?
Ideas for planning your co-op
Advice from moms who have done co-ops

Ways to connect with Nancy:
Instagram; @afheconnect

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