Parents who are considering homeschooling can easily become overwhelmed by all the information out there and that is why I thought it was essential to offer this resource to help parents prioritize their steps as they consider homeschooling. 

Some of you haven’t done school at home until the quarantine and this is another reason I wanted to offer this conversation. You need to understand that distance learning is NOT the same thing as homeschooling. Actually, I think it’s often far more stressful in so many ways than choosing to homeschool. When we homeschool, we get to fine-tune our kids’ learning to what works best for THEM (and us). We can arrange their days to give them an opportunity to be kids, to experience a healthy childhood, to learn things in a way that works for them and AS THEY ARE READY.

You don’t have to be an expert in education or other people’s kids, you simply need to be an expert in YOUR kids.

It’s a commonly accepted fact that if someone spends 10,000 hours on something, they are considered an “expert” in that field. 

Guess what? By the time your child is 6 years old, you will have spent an average of 16,000 hours with your child. That makes YOU an expert on your child! 

With that in mind, listen in to my conversation with Vicki Bentley, another veteran homeschooling mom, and find encouragement along with simple, doable action steps you can take to start homeschooling your kids!

My simple, mercifully short book on homeschooling: The Unhurried Homeschooler

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