With all that’s going on around us, one thing has not changed…we are still moms. Some of us chose to homeschool, others have had distance learning thrust upon us, and some have tried, but thrown in the towel for this school year (and that’s okay!) BUT the fact is that we are all feeling the weight of our current situation and that can greatly affect our focus. So today I want to bring some encouragement to your mom heart and hopefully help you refocus and remember why you are doing what you doing so you can stay intentional.

This is part of a series I have called Mentoring Moments. There are other episodes addressing other topics on motherhood, but the reason I created this series is that, as an older mom, I feel a responsibility to mentor younger moms who might be looking for some perspective that can only come with experience and time.

I am thrilled today to have Vicki Bentley joining me today, who is the mother of eight daughters, foster mom of over fifty, grandma to 23 wonderful grandbabies so far, and great-grandma to five! You will be hearing from literally several decades of experience between the two of us!

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Website: Everyday Homemaking

Website: Everyday Homeschooling


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