What if I told you that you could spend far less time at the doctor’s office and prevent/treat many physical ailments at home? What if you could root out some chronic conditions safely, spending far less money on treatments that often have concerning long term effects?

Given the recent epidemic of Covid-19, more moms than ever are searching for ways to keep their families healthy. We already had this particular podcast scheduled long before the crisis hit and we know that can only be a God thing!

Today Melissa Crenshaw is here to share why she believes it’s so important and beneficial to take charge of your family’s health and ways we can do that! She will tell her personal story as well. and I believe her heart will resonate with yours!

Melissa is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and C-Hom (Certified Homeopath)

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Instagram: @mmc_homeopathy

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