If ever there were a topic that is avoided, especially by the church, it’s the topic of pornography. In the meantime, this addiction is spreading like wildfire and leaving a path of destruction in its wake.  Studies show that:

76% of 18-24 year old Christians actively seek out porn

Only 7% of pastors say they have a program in their church to help those who are struggling.

57% of pastors and 64% of youth pastors in the U.S. struggle with porn addiction

How can we, as Christian parents, be proactive and take precautions without being overcome by fear? How do we have honest, productive conversations with our kids about the dangers of pornography?

I’ve had a few moms ask me to tackle this topic and I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about that. Although this particular topic has touched our family, I would never ask anyone to talk about something so personal. Quite unexpectedly, our 18 year old son told me that he felt strongly that God was leading him to share his story. We prayed about it and talked about it some more and still felt God’s leading to do this. I’m incredibly inspired by Sam’s courage and I truly believe God will use it to bring life and redemption to other young people.

So please, invite your pre-teens and teens to listen in.  It’s a great conversation full of truth, but also overflowing with grace and hope!

Scriptures mentioned in the podcast:

James 5:13-20 (NLT)

Romans 8:1-16 (NLT)

If you have a child who wants to talk with Sam more about his story and get some encouragement from him, please message me and I will pass it on to him so he can communicate directly with them. 

Resources for anyone struggling with pornography: https://www.desiringgod.org/topics/pornography,



Resource for girls struggling with pornography found after this podcast was recorded: beggarsdaughter.com

(Ted Bundy was a serial killer who became a Christian on death row. He gave Dr. James Dobson an interview just before he was executed and what he has to say about how porn influenced him is shocking: watch the video)




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