Today we are celebrating the life of our grandson, Isaac who would have just had his 6th birthday. He was our first grand baby and Brittney and Jacob’s first baby. This is the first time that we have shared his story publicly. Brittney was careful not to tell the story too soon, but allow God to do the work and healing that He needed to do in her own heart first. This isn’t something you can rush. It’s a kind of waiting on God that, though excruciating at times, brings with it a deeper healing and perspective that nothing else can.

When you lose someone, you are never the same. We wanted to give this story the time it deserves, so we have lingered over it and taken our time telling it in this podcast. We hope that you will listen with a heart that will hear the realness, but also the message of hope and redemption that so beautifully describes our experience and clearly reveals the faithfulness of our great God in a very powerful way!

Our prayer is that this story will bring encouragement, but also provide tools for moms to care for others they know who are called to walk the journey of stillbirth.

One song that was a huge comfort to Brittney during the healing process was by Matt Redmond, called “Never Once”. She created a video featuring this song in hopes that it would paint an accurate picture of God’s comfort in midst of grief.(Suggestion: it will be more meaningful if you watch it after you listen to the podcast!)

In the next podcast we will talk about Brittney’s struggle with PTSD and subsequent pregnancies and births. In the third and final podcast we will be sharing her most recent birth which is an awesome and miraculous story!!

I am also sharing a link to the song that God brought to me just minutes after Isaac’s death was confirmed (mentioned in the podcast).


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