I love to bring relevant, and sometimes difficult topics to the podcast, not because I think parents are unaware, but to help them look at them through the lens of the gospel and scripture.

We are inundated with information and much of it perpetuates fear which is NOT of God. He calls us to wisdom and discernment, but never to fear.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power of love and of a sound mind. 1 Timothy 1:7

The topic of sexual abuse can be a difficult one to process and discuss. If you’ve experienced sexual abuse you likely have very strong/deeply painful feelings about it. It can also be very emotional. If you’ve never experienced sexual abuse, you may not be sure how to best protect your kids. Either way, our experiences can cause us to overreact or under-react.

Today Kelly Winkler, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Christian mom shares from her many years of experience working with women who have been sexually abused. She gives timely and biblical counsel on how to protect our kids without coming from a place of fear. Even better, she guides us into ways to take what Satan means for evil and allow God to use it for good!

Kelly is generously offering a coupon code to give you her online course for $20 instead of the regular price of $50! The code is DURENDA20

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

The Unhurried Homeschooler(*aff link)

The Wounded Heart (*aff link)

Ways to connect with Kelly:

Website: Shielding Innocence

Additionally, Kelly would love to bring Shielding Innocence to churches and schools or co-ops. Her live conferences bring intimacy and a feeling of community to the material that can be so encouraging to parents!

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