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*Creating a Family Schedule

Homeschooling is challenging, but when you have multiple ages, it can feel more overwhelming than anything! Durenda had 8 children in 12 years and homeschooled them all from the beginning. She speaks from a place of experience, but also reality. In this session, she shares a simple system that helps moms schedule their days in a way that works for them and challenges moms to think through their priorities and stay focused on what is most important so they can find a sense of calm in this busy season!

*Chores: Why They are Essential in Homeschooling

Most of us agree that chores are important, but often moms and kids are frustrated, angry and resentful when it comes to how and when to implement them.  Having 8 kids in 12 years has the potential to bring a mom to her knees and her home into disarray, but God taught our kids (and me) SO much through working together. The benefits of having our kids do chores are countless!  I’ll talk about many of them in this workshop as well as how we scheduled them.  More than anything, I want you to be encouraged that investing in this area not only lightens our loads as moms but is an essential part of our kids’ education!

*Unhurried Homeschooling:  Why We Need to Slow Down

In a world that is moving at warp speed, it’s easy to forget that kids are still kids. Their needs haven’t changed:  they need time to explore and experiment with the real world around them, to absorb life through all their senses, to process their thoughts at their own pace.  All of these are crucial in laying a firm foundation for higher learning, but this TAKES TIME.  Learn why this is so important and how to protect and defend your kids’ childhood.

*Who’s Taking Care of Mom?

We spend our days caring for others, but often this can come at the cost of feeling burnt out, exhausted and overwhelmed.  While there can be different reasons for feeling this way, many times it’s because we aren’t taking the time to care for ourselves. We often feel like we don’t have the time or we are being selfish.  Homeschooling and motherhood require self-sacrifice, but when is the cost more than God is actually asking us to pay? 

*Homeschooling Through a Crisis

There’s not a homeschooling family out there who won’t face some sort of crisis during their home educating years.  It can be tempting to believe that those experiences are a detriment to our “school” days when, in fact, they can be the most fruitful times for our families in the big scheme of things.  Whether your crisis is a move, job change, death, or illness, God has a good plan for your family. Help gain eyes to see the blessings God has for you while homeschooling through a crisis. 

*Nurturing Your Marriage Through the Seasons of Homeschooling

Each season of parenting and homeschooling brings unique challenges, but our commitment to homeschooling shouldn’t come before investing in our marriages. After 28 years of parenting (eight kids) and 24 years of homeschooling, Darryl and Durenda have walked through every homeschooling season several times.  Together they share how they fed and nurtured their marriage so it could go the distance and have found themselves nearing the finish line still loving and enjoying each other!

*Learning to Trust Your Instincts as a Homeschooling Parent

We are bombarded with Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram ideas on how to educate, raise, discipline, feed, and clothe our kids. But how will we really KNOW what’s best for our kids?   How can we have peace about what we are doing at home?  Find out some very doable ways to gain wisdom so that you can fulfill the purposes that GOD has for your family.

*Nurturing Sibling Relationships

This is THE most popular topic I speak on! Most of us didn’t factor into the equation just how much sibling conflict would be part of our homeschooling days! It can be exhausting! As homeschooling parents, we have a unique opportunity to nurture sibling relationships among our children. Find out practical ways to do this and what an IMPORTANT part of our homeschooling it really is!

*Preparing Your Mom Heart for the Post Homeschool Years

The homeschooling journey becomes such a big part of our lives as moms.  Sometimes it seems as though we will never see the finish line but talk to any homeschool mom with grown kids and she will tell you, “The days are long, but the years are short.”  What feels like a lifelong commitment soon becomes a distant memory and when you’ve given your all to this worthy task of homeschooling, the next season can bring a conflict of emotions. Durenda has graduated 6 (so far) whom she has homeschooled from the beginning and in this session, she shares some key thoughts to consider as you near the finish line.

*Unhurried Homeschooling: K-2nd Grade

Most people’s definition of “education” is a more formal approach, but the truth is that you’ve been “educating” your child for 5 years already! YOU are the “expert” when it comes to YOUR child and YOU will be able to tell when he/she is ready to start reading, writing, etc. We will talk about simple ways to recognize when your child is ready to experiment with reading, writing, and basic math! Most of all you will be encouraged to RELAX and enjoy this season of early learning and quiet the voices that want to put unnecessary pressure on you and your littles!

*Homeschooling Boys: What Do They Really Need?

Out of our eight kids, five are boys.  We have graduated 3 of them so far.  As homeschooling moms, we can find teaching our boys extra challenging because…well…they can be VERY different from us.  However, God knew what He was doing when He knit them together AND when He chose to make us their moms.  Find out some of the most effective tools to engage your boys in their education and enjoy these years with them to the fullest!

*Unhurried Homeschooling: Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

The pressure starts BEFORE we even hold our babies in our arms: cloth diapering or disposable, store-bought baby food or homemade, nurse or bottle-feed?  We even feel pressured to decide our ‘style’ of parenting before we have a chance to engage in the role. Feeling pushed and pressured is no way to start our parenting journey OR our home education. By taking time in the early years to learn to let God lead us, we begin to create the margin that helps give us the freedom to be the parents and homeschooling family God has called us to be.

*Building Resilience in Your Children

The capacity to be able to recover quickly from difficulties lends itself to overcoming the countless obstacles that life can bring.  As adults, we have all experienced things we never thought we would face and we know that our children will have their own share of difficulties. Though there is no way to know what those will be, we can prepare them by helping them build resilience throughout their childhood.

*Homeschooling: Purpose or Performance?

We all have clear reasons that we decided to homeschool, but as we continue on this journey, the lines can become blurred. It can be so easy to get caught up in how our kids (and we) are (or aren’t) performing when it comes to homeschooling.  But what if that isn’t actually what we are called to? Mastery can be important. God talks about becoming skilled and the importance of diligence.  But what if we are giving up purpose and exchanging it for performance?

*Sustainable Homeschooling

We all begin our homeschool journey with high hopes, but it often doesn’t take long before we realize that some things simply are not working. We find ourselves and/or our kids in burn out mode. At the same time we are confronted with the fear that if we let go of something, we may somehow fail our children. Learn the importance of creating a sustainable homeschooling life that will bring joy back into your homeschooling days and help equip you to go the distance!

*The Five Most Important Things We Taught Our Kids

As homeschooling parents, we know that it’s next to impossible to imagine what our kids might be doing for a living. When we started homeschooling 24 years ago, we would have never guessed anyone could make a living on the “internet”. The internet didn’t even exist. So what are the most important things we can teach our kids to prepare them for the future? With the clarity of hindsight, Durenda will help you focus on what really matters so you can homeschool with confidence, knowing your kids are ready for whatever the future holds!

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Speaker Feedback:

“We loved Durenda! She is a natural encourager with a gracious, humble demeanor. When we asked attendees what they appreciated about Durenda, they shared their gratitude for her warm, steady presence and the easy-to-implement ideas she incorporated into her workshops. Durenda not only shared solid content but modeled how to nurture unhurried hearts at home–a gift to our event!” -Cheryl Bastian, Books and Beyond Mid-Year Conference

“Our homeschool support group was truly blessed to have Durenda and Darryl share with us about learning to trust God’s leading as parents. Their practical words of wisdom encouraged all of us to experience God’s freedom as we follow Him in our parenting and homeschooling rather than comparing ourselves to everyone else. As parents of a large family, they had lots of great stories to tell, too! They both have servants’ hearts and graciously answered many questions after their talk. We definitely recommend them as speakers!” -Marilyn W for REACH East

“While speaking at our monthly meeting for our members, Durenda and Darryl shared their success as a homeschool family. The encouragement and reminder to not teach our children by  “Pinterest, Facebook” standards were warmly delivered….sprinkled with gentle reminders of the ultimate goal of our own homeschool journey: discipleship.  The Wilsons not only spoke to a majority of our members, individually, but they prayed with several of them. Our organization is thankful for the time and wisdom they shared.”

Feedback from attendees:

“Durenda was amazing! Especially the session on homeschooling through a crisis.”

“Loved that the sibling workshop had lots of practical tips and ways to implement.”

“I was so inspired by Durenda’s workshop on chores!”

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